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You find that you get more from Haiti than you give- Carol Devine

Today was my final day in Haiti.  Getting to the airport from Hinche went fairly smooth, although a few of us had GI upset.  But we made it..While on the trip down from the plateau I am struck with images that I will forever carry with me. 

First,  I am so encouraged by the skill and dedication of the “midwife students or the auxiliare”.  Life has not been so easy for these students.  I observed a midwife student assisting a birth or catching a healthy baby.  It brought me to tears.  While at the hospital, it reminded me of wards of the past.  But many of those patients were there for diseases that were curable…end stage cervical cancer, as one example.  I was so impressed that this is the 3rd class of these students to be graduating.  I believe that I saw..teach one person at a time,, make a difference one person at a time at work… 

Second,  the orphange.  I used to think about an orphanage as a place right out of the “Orphan Annie series”.  But the work that Maison Fortunate is doing for so many children is awesome.  These children were being educated, fed, clothed and provided healthcare by a nurse.  This orphanage was a dream of Jean Paul, and his partnership with the diocese of Virginia, and it has truly made the lives of these children more hopeful.  The sounds of their laughter and music still fills my ears. 

Finally, the trip to view Zammi Lasante was the highlight for me.  This medical facility houses an HIV and MDR TB ward, pediatrics, maternity, urgent care, a place where food for malnourished children and work for the Haitian people.  The saying, rather than give them fish, teach them to fish, kept resonating in my mind.  Environmental issues like clean water, was being addressed and worked on.  Organic healthy farming of peanuts was an issue that was currently being worked on.  

I leave wishing I could have done more.  Each evening Brother Mike, our Xavierist host at Maison Fortunate, would do a “debriefing”.  On our last night he reminded us of a discussion we had on the first night in Hinche.  His words were,  you will find that you get more from Haiti than what you give”.    On that first night, I truly did not understand.  My thoughts were,  they need so much from everyone, and I need to give so much more…But I left knowing what he meant.  I bring home the children.  The loving eyes, beautiful smiles, and yes, some pain.  I am so encouraged to know that many of the children are being cared for.  I think about the many children and mothers who might not have had a chance to make it to this life without the help of others.  I bring home memories of those less fortunate than me, but I am encouraged that work continues to be done in a way that will sustain their life, not my American way of life, but life the Haitian way

Brother Mike reading in the evening with his students


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