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Haiti Bound

One week from today I will be flying down to Miami. In Miami I will meet up with Dr. Cara Osborne and two Frontier FNP students. Carol, Rachel, Cara and I will begin our trip to Haiti. We have been busy preparing over the last month and now things are really coming together. We have worked hard on the plans for this trip. Pre trip planning included immunizations, getting our paperwork in order, getting an international phone, and making sure my Visa card will not be cut off while out of the country.

 My friend Patricia (just came home from Haiti) met me for lunch and gave me very good advice for the trip. She also brought copies (in English and French) of the World Health Organizations guidelines for antenatal care. We hope to get these in Creole to share with the midwifery students. Friends and family keep stopping by to give me much needed  medical equipment, sheets, baby blankets, and my son in law insists I take some soccer balls for the boys. My bag is full and heavy and I wonder if I have room for any personal items such as clothes.

Dr. Osborne encouraged me to read Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder to better understand where we are going and how we can be helpful to the people we intend to serve. It was a great read and if you have any interest in Haiti or service work, read this book. Other assigned reading (thanks Cara) was the Midwives for Haiti web site.  I personally feel very privileged to be allowed to take this trip and to be working with Midwives for Haiti. Their program and mission is beautiful and dear to my heart.

Dr. Osborne and both of the students have international health care experience. I am glad to be with them and together I think we can work to develop a very productive relationship with Midwives for Haiti.


I am excited and ready to go.


Frontier Nurses have bags and will travel!

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  1. kathryn schrag
    August 13, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    It was over a year ago that some of the Frontier faculty met with Nadene Bunk at the ACNM annual meeting, and brainstormed about our two organizations working together. Nadene, a Frontier alumna, is the founder and executive director of Midwives for Haiti. And now, a week from today 2 faculty and 2 FNP students will meet in Miami, share their excitement and anxieties about boarding the plane together the next day and beginning their week together in Haiti. I am chairperson of Frontier’s International Health Committee and have been working on the “operations” so that the trip goes as smoothly as possible. It is with a bit of envy that I read Rhonda’s post and imagine the richness of your experience. May you travel safely; looking forwards to stories!

  2. Lu Tuggle
    August 26, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    KUDOS!! Does it feel anything like the first trip to the Moon? or Mars?
    Mark your territory when there;-) Come home safe!

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